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DUB Diagnostic Unit Brake

  • DUB10A diagnostic unit – brake diagnostics with function and wear analysis.
  • The DUB10A (Diagnostic Unit Brake) diagnostic unit from SEW-EURODRIVE is the ideal sensor for monitoring the wear and functionality of the brake. The voltage-dependent signal can be evaluated by an SEW-EURODRIVE frequency inverter or a higher-level controller. Two sensors allow you to monitor proper brake functioning and lining wear simultaneously and reliably.
  • DUB10A diagnostic unit overview
    • Maintenance intervals can be planned individually according to wear
    • Brake lining wear can be detected in good time
    • Reliable brake function monitoring
    • Easily processed voltage-dependent output signal
    • Quick diagnosis of the condition of the brake
    • Can be used in damp conditions up to IP66
    • Actuators made of stainless steel
    • Self-cleaning contacts inside the sensor
    • Snap switch mechanism Flexible tongue made of beryllium-copper with self-cleaning contacts
    • Housing material: PA6T/X with fiberglass reinforcement
    • Actuator material: stainless steel