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DUO Diagnostic Unit Oil-Aging

  • DUO10A – Gear unit oil diagnostics using thermal analysis for preventative maintenance
  • The DUO10A diagnostic unit from SEW-EURODRIVE is the perfect sensor to determine the remaining service life of gear unit oil and indicate the right time for an oil change. A thermal sensor installed in the gear unit measures the oil temperature and forwards this information to an evaluation unit, which then calculates time remaining until the next oil change for the specified oil type. The diagnostic unit takes the oxidation characteristics under thermal stress of the different oils into account.
  • DUO10A diagnostic unit overview:
    • Unit reduces oil costs
    • Unit optimally utilizes oil service life
    • Maintenance intervals can be planned according to the application
    • Parameter setting and startup can be performed directly on the diagnostic unit (without PC)
    • Time until next oil change can be detected and read off easily
    • Monitoring options: The remaining service life and status messages can be read on the diagnostic unit or externally visualized via switch outputs (DUO10A can be linked to bus systems)
    • Monitoring for 5 different types of oil