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DUV Diagnostic Unit Vibration

  • DUV10A diagnostic unit – drive diagnostics using vibration analysis for preventative maintenance
  • The DUV10A diagnostic unit from SEW-EURODRIVE is the perfect sensor for simple and reliable monitoring of anti-friction bearings. The DUV10A diagnostic unit measures the structure-borne noise and uses this value to calculate the frequency spectrum. The unit uses this frequency spectrum to constantly evaluate the condition of the anti-friction bearings. The structure-born noise sensor and evaluation electronics are fully integrated in the diagnostic unit.
  • DUV10A diagnostic unit overview:
    • Maintenance intervals can be planned according to the application
    • Data is decentrally recorded, processed, and evaluated
    • Signs of wear on anti-friction bearings are detected at an early stage
    • The condition of the bearings is simple to detect and read: The colors green, yellow, and red indicate the condition of the bearings
    • Monitoring options: Read values directly from the sensor or visualize them externally via switch outputs (DUV10A can be linked to bus systems)
    • Parameters set via RS-232 interface
    • System operators can set parameters as required
    • Up to 5 bearing positions can be monitored with one sensor
    • Alternative: Diagnosis of 20 single frequencies (e.g. tooth meshing frequency, imbalance)
    • Level monitor that monitors the entire vibration spectrum