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Basics / Technology

  • Industrial ETHERNET
  • Information technology is becoming increasingly important in industrial systems. Users should be able to call up technical product data at every PC in the company at the touch of a button, without additional manufacturer-specific software. At the same time, vertical data communication with the control level should be broadly available, as should be horizontal process data communication between the controller and the application (e.g. drive inverters).
  • ETHERNET – A bus system with numerous benefits:
    • Vertical and horizontal communication using Industrial ETHERNET
    • Real-time capable process data communication between the controller and drive engineering (soft real time) with 10 process data words (each direction)
    • Fast data transfer with 100 Mbit/s
    • Diagnostics for drive technology via Internet Explorer
    • Programming and diagnostics for the drive technology can be carried out via ETHERNET, which makes remote maintenance easy to handle
    • Broadband data communication between the control level and field level
    • Control and engineering combined in one bus system, saving costs for installation and maintenance
    • Fast system integration
Process data communication by means of protocol, either PROFINET IO/RT, ETHERNET/IP or Modbus TCP, for simple and fast data exchange between the control and field levels
Control and diagnostics via ETHERNET – local operation, diagnostics and maintenance at the field level
Integrated web server to diagnose the drive technology via Internet Explorer
Central data backup at control level
Parameter setting and programming using MOVITOOLS® MotionStudio via ETHERNET
Reduction of installation costs and maintenance due to installation of only one diagnostic bus.

EtherCAT and motion control – high-speed industrial ethernet

Servo drive systems: Multi-axis servo inverter MOVIAXIS® with XFE24A MOVIDRIVE® drive inverter with DFE24A
Motion control
With synchronization via Distributed Clock and a synchronization cycle of 0.5 to 10 ms, the hard realtime communction for MOVIDRIVE® drive inverters and MOVIAXIS® multi-axis servo inverters offers the following operating modes:
  • High-performance motion control mode with centrally calculated motion functions and clock-synchronous speed, position or torque settings
  • Use of integrated motion control functions such as electronic cam, electronic gear unit, touch probe, positioning, etc. through clock-synchronous control
  • Classic PLC mode
MOVITRAC® frequency inverter with DFE24A Applications with SEW drives connected via DFE24B gateway
PLC mode
Non-synchronized process data (such as control and status values, actual and set speed or position values) is transferred in conventional PLC mode. In addition to allowing for control of application modules (positioning, modulo, winder, etc.) in the MOVIDRIVE® drive inverter, it also enables MOVITRAC® frequency inverters and other SEW drives with SBus interface to be used for simple drive tasks.
The mailbox gateway in the EtherCAT master ensures unlimited engineering access, for example, for MOVITOOLS® MotionStudio down to the drive level.