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  • Control technology "made by SEW-EURODRIVE"
  • Solve many of your automation tasks flexibly and effectively using control technology from SEW-EURODRIVE. This page gives you a brief overview of the universal and scalable controller and software program that can be easily integrated into various automation concepts in an effective and economical manner. It is not relevant whether the movement requires free programming or whether it can be implemented by a standardized application module.
  • The concept:
    • Universal and scalable hardware: Motion and logic controller
    • Free programming of applications with the motion and logic controller MOVI-PLC
    • Easy configuration of applications with the Configurable Control Unit (CCU)
  • Control technology from SEW-EURODRIVE includes the configurable control unit (CCU) for easily configurable applications with standardized and immediately executable application modules, which merely have to be parameterized. The functions match the specific application and can be configured easily and quickly without any programming knowledge. An integrated diagnostic function enables quick and simple startup.
  • A universal tool independent of the drive: Application Configurator
  • The Application Configurator is a tool that lets users carry out configurations and diagnostics. This practice-oriented solution is independent of the required application module and the SEW-EURODRIVE drive and control components used. All applications are operated in the same easy manner.
  • Your benefits:
    • The application program runs on the controller and is independent of the connected drive electronics
    • Parameterizable, standardized solutions for common positioning and motion sequences
    • Graphically guided startup and diagnostics
    • Intergrated trace facilitates troubleshooting
    • The operating software visualizes the operating states of every application module so that possible faults can be rectified quickly.
    • The implemented control mode supports pre-startup without higher-level PLC
    • The process data monitor visualizes the data exchange between the parameterized application modules and the master controller (PLC)
    • Simple and fast engineering via USB or Ethernet
    • Data is managed using an SD card for the entire application module and all drive parameters