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MOVITOOLS MotionStudio

  • The more functions drive engineering offers, the more important it is to have an effective tool for operating drives and visualizing processes. MOVITOOLS® MotionStudio operating software from SEW-EURODRIVE is such a tool. You can configure, program and perform diagnostics for most SEW-EURODRIVE inverter series using MOVITOOLS® MotionStudio.
  • Features:
    • Convenient drive startup and parameter setting
    • Drive diagnostics using the built-in oscilloscope function
    • Create application and user programs, in high-level languages if required, right on the plant floor using the assembler or using the graphic programming interface
    • View status of connected units
    • Bus monitor
    • Control technology functions
    • Completed application modules for various applications
    • Read out electronic nameplates
    • Use of electronic nameplates of SEW-EURODRIVE gearmotors for automatic motor adaptation
    • MOVITOOLS® MotionStudio supports the engineering via:
      • Ethernet TCP/IP, PROFINET IO, EtherNet/IP, MODBUS TCP
      • EtherCAT
      • PROFIBUS DPV1, CAN, DeviceNet
  • As well as the manufacturer-independent software interface TCI Tools Calling Interface
  • Your benefits
    • Free selection of communication paths
    • Central data storage
    • Decentralized and application-specific diagnostics
    • Use of the latest technologies for remote maintenance
    • Simple introduction to SEW-EURODRIVE products
  • Uniform software system for different product areas
  • MOVITOOLS® MotionStudio for consistent engineering: Startup, control, diagnostics, communication and visualization

Overview of the tools and their functions

Tool Functionality
  • Configuration and startup: To adapt the inverter to the connected motor and optimize current, speed and position controllers
  • Manual operation: The tool allows for manually controlling the units directly from the PC.
Parameter setting:
  • Parameter tree: Uniform editor for parameter setting of different unit types
  • PDO-Editor: A process data object editor for graphic configuration of process data for the MOVIAXIS® multi-axis servo amplifier
  • Gateway Configurator: Standardized tool for configuring and performing diagnostics for fieldbus gateways UFx41B, DFx, MOVIFIT® on the Classic and Technology function levels
Diagnostics and visualization
  • Status: Support for unit diagnostics, communicates general unit status information, manual unit reset possible
  • Application Builder: Editor for creating application-specific visualizations and application-specific diagnostics. Visualization is connected via file download with the IPOS® inverter program and the parameter settings.
  • Fieldbus monitor: Tool for running diagnostics on the communication between the fieldbus and the unit (monitor mode), and the setpoint selection on the unit independently of the control (control mode)
  • Scope: Diagnostics are performed by using an oscilloscope program for all SEW-EURODRIVE inverters
  • PLC Editor: Programming the MOVI-PLC® control series using application programs written once: can be applied independent of the device
  • IPOS® assembler and compiler