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P.MC Series: Helical-bevel planetary gear units (up to 359 kNm)

P.MC.. series

This series is characterized by the maintenance-free and fully oil-lubricated anti-friction bearings, combined with the high power density of the planetary output stages. They are mainly used for high gear ratios and low output speeds. Individual optional features, such as special sealing systems and lubricants, torque arms and swing bases complete the range, which is mainly used for apron conveyors, bucket-wheel reclaimers and jibs.
  • Your benefits
    • A "torque-strong" combination of planetary gear units and helical/helical-bevel gear units
    • Compact: Increased power density due to planetary output stages
    • Application-specific: Individual sealing systems and lubricants as well as options for torque arms, mounting flanges, motor seats, motor adapters, swing bases and output flange hubs
    • Economical: Individual customer solutions using standard components
    • Available: Short delivery times due to stocked components and the unique, international assembly network of SEW-EURODRIVE
Technical data
Gear unit version Stages Gear ratios Rated torque MN2 [kNm]
P1.MC.. helical / Helical-bevel planetary gear units: 3 and 4 stages 31.5 to 500 24 to 185
P2.MC.. helical / Helical-bevel planetary gear units: 4 and 5 stages 140 to 4,000 69 to 359