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Product overview ATEX

  • Many areas of industry are subject to European Directive 1999/92/EC (ATEX 137). This directive and the respective standards must be observed in the chemical industry, the timber industry and the food and beverage industry, for example. Some less-obvious sectors such as the printing industry and the pharmaceutical industry are also affected by this directive.
  • Safe drives are also required for sectors where potentially explosive air/gas or air/dust mixtures develop only occasionally (zone 1/zone 21), or rarely or briefly (zone 2/zone 22). Especially for these tasks and in order to be able to use servo drive technology in these areas as well, SEW-EURODRIVE has qualified servo gear units and servomotors according to the 94/9/EC Directive.

Safe servo solutions at a glance

Category Degree of protection Solutions
II 2 G/D c, k T4 120° C X IP 65
  • R, RX, F, K, S and W37 series gear units with reduced backlash
II 2 G/D c, k T3 150° C X IP 65
  • Low-backlash PS.F servo gear units
  • Low-backlash BS.F right-angle servo gear units
  • For adapter or direct mounting with CMP synchronous servomotors in conjunction with SEW-EURODRIVE frequency inverters. Available for G/D with resolver; for D also with absolute encoder and brake.
II 3 G Ex nA II T3 X,II 3 D Ex tD A 22 IP6X T 150 °C X  
  • CMP synchronous servomotors of series 40, 50 and 63 in conjunction with SEW-EURODRIVE frequency inverters
Technical data
Type Ex identification Circumferential backlash classes Mamax [Nm] Mapk [Nm]
PSF / PSKF II2D c, k T3 / 150 °C X Standard / reduced circumferential backlash 18 – 3,000 27 – 4,200
II2GD c, k T3 / 150 °C X
BSF / BSAF / BSKF / BSBF II2D c, k T3 / 150 °C X 40 – 1,310 51 – 1,910
II2GD c, k T3 / 150 °C X
R, F, K gear units II2D c, k T4 / 120 °C X 31 – 8,000 46 – 9,090
II2GD c, k T4 / 120 °C X
S and W gear units II2D c, k T4 / 120 °C X Standard 43 – 480 60 – 655
II2GD c, k T4 / 120 °C X
1) PSF/PSKF 121 – 522: Max. n