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SL2 Synchronous Linear Motors

  • Your benefits:
    • SL2 motors save time during project planning
    • Precise, reliable and safe at any speed
    • Virtually maintenance-free
SL2 series

The already high demands on machine cycles, acceleration and linear travel speeds for drive systems in handling, transportation and production continue to increase steadily. Whether as highly dynamic and flexible processing machines for handling or in pick-and-place applications, the new SL2 synchronous linear motors by SEW-EURODRIVE are the ideal solution for such requirements. As linear motion and force is generated directly, no mechanical transmission elements subject to wear, such as spindles, ball bearings or toothed belts, are required. An optimum force-density ratio is achieved by using the latest winding technology and a laminated iron core. The SL2 synchronous linear motor with convection cooling is practically maintenance-free and offers maximum reliability and availability, high control quality, speed and accuracy.
SL2 synchronous linear motors are available in three designs for speed classes 1, 3 and 6 m/s: SL2 Basic, SL2 Advance System and SL2 Power System. For longer travel distances, secondaries are available in different lengths and can be easily lined up with one another. The SL2 Advance System features a motor cooling unit, which provides even better cooling than SL2 Basic. A forced-air cooling fan gives the SL2 Power System a further power boost.
Technical data
Product versions Rated power range [N] Rated speed classes [m/s]
SL2 Basic 125 to 6,000 1 / 3 / 6
SL2 Advance System
SL2 Power System
  • SL2 Advance System and SL2 Power System
    • Design on the motor end with appropriate plug connectors
    • EMC-compliant connector housing design
    • Plug connectors sealed with lamellar seal (cable end) according to EN 61884 for strain relief
    • Comprehensive range of accessories for inverter-specific prefabrication
    • Feedback cables with connection option for AL1H
    • Sub-D EMC connector with pin contacts on the encoder end
    • 9-pin and 15-pin connectors to fit the inverter
  • Accessories and options for linear servomotors
  • AL1H length measuring system
  • SEW-EURODRIVE can equip the SL2 Advance System and SL2 Power System linear servomotors with the AL1H absolute length measuring system. AL1H consists of a linear sensor, which is attached to the motor cooling unit along with the encoder components, and a measuring tape, which is routed along the travel section. The AL1H length measuring system is dirt-resistant and permits high speeds and acceleration. Encoder components that are ready for use facilitate fast, simple and cost-effective mounting of the AL1H.