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CT/CV/DRL Asynchronous Servomotors

  • Your benefits
    • Torque from 5 to 200 Nm
    • Control with MOVIDRIVE® and MOVIDRIVE® compact drive inverters with field-oriented CFC control
    • Load up to 3 to 4 times rated motor torque
    • Can be combined with all gear units of the modular SEW unit system
CT/CV/DRL series

CT/CV/DRL series asynchronous servomotors are used primarily when high external mass moments of inertia acting on the motor shaft must be reliably controlled. The particularly compact unit, which consists of a gear unit and sturdy asynchronous servomotor in four speed classes, and has a high-resolution sin/cos encoder, achieves high speed consistency even at low speeds. Reliable and precise positioning of asynchronous servomotors is possible with the CFC control mode of the MOVIDRIVE® drive inverters and MOVIAXIS® servo inverters at peak values up to 300% of the rated motor torque.
Technical data
Rated torque [Nm] Speed class [rpm] Mass moment of inertia [kgcm2]
2.7 to 325 1,200 4.9 to 4,330
2.7 to 315 1,700
2.6 to 300 2,100
2.5 to 250 3,000
  • Options and accessories for the CT/CV series
  • The comprehensive range of options and accessories for the DR/DT/DV series of AC motors is available for the CT/CV series of asynchronous servomotors.