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  • Your benefits:
    • Configurable inverter adapted to your application
    • Modular range of options: Fieldbus interfaces, encoder interfaces and safety functions
    • Wide range of applications: From individual component to electronic cam
    • Large power range: 0.55 kW – 160 kW
    • Pluggable service module: Simple unit exchange in case of service
3 × AC 380 V – 500 V: 0.55 kW – 160 kW
3 × AC 200 V – 240 V: 1.5 kW – 37 kW
Control of
  • asynchronous motors
  • synchronous motors
  • linear motors
Configurable encoder interfaces for motor encoders and distance encoders
Safety function in the basic unit: STO according to EN ISO 13849-1 PL d
Pluggable service module in the basic unit: Simple unit exchange in case of service
Modular range of options Type designation
Fieldbus interfaces
  • EtherCAT
  • EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP
  • DeviceNet
  • CANopen
  • DFE32B
  • DFP21B
  • DFE24B
  • DFE33B
  • DFD11B
  • DFC11B
  • DFI11B and DFI12B
Motor encoder and distance encoder connection
  • TTL encoder
  • HTL encoder
  • RS422 encoder
  • Sin/cos encoder
  • HIPERFACE® encoder
  • SSI encoder
  • EnDat® 2.1 encoder
For assignment of encoder types, see documentation: DEH11B, DER11B, DEH21B, DEU21B, DIP11B
  • Standard type
  • The units are equipped with the integrated IPOSplus® positioning and sequence control system as standard. They can be expanded with the available options. The standard also includes protection against restart according to EN954-1, safety category 3. "00" at the end of the type designation indicates the standard design.
  • Application version
  • In addition to the features of the standard design, these units include the "electronic cam" and "internal synchronous operation" technology functions. Furthermore, you can use all the application modules available in the MOVITOOLS® MotionStudio software package with the technology units. The application version is indicated by "0T" following the type designation.
  • Application modules
  • The application version inverters also provide access to the application modules. Application modules are standardized control programs specifically for positioning, winding, and controlling drive tasks. The application modules offer you the following benefits:
    • High functionality and user-friendly operator interface.
    • All you have to do is enter the parameters needed for the application.
    • Guided parameter setting process instead of complicated programming.
    • No lengthy training or familiarization, which means quick project planning and startup.
    • All motions are controlled directly in the MOVIDRIVE®.
    • Decentralized concepts can be implemented more easily

Options for MOVIDRIVE B

DBG60B Keypad
DEH11B / DER11B / DEH21B / DIP11B Encoder/and resolver cards for HIPERFACE® / resolver / absolut value
UWS21B / USB11A Interface adapter
DIO11B Input/output card
DFP21B / DFI11B / DFI21B / DFE11B / DFE12B / DFE32B / DFE13B / DFE33B / DFE24B / DFD11B / DFC11B Interfaces for PROFIBUS, INTERBUS, INTERBUS-LWL (FO), Modbus/TCP, PROFINET, EtherNet, EtherCat, DeviceNet, CANopen
DRS11B Synchronous operation card
DCS21B / DCS31B Safety monitor
DFS11 / 12 / 21 / 22 Safe fieldbus interfaces PROFIsafe® PROFIBUS/PROFINET
DHP11B / DHE41B / DHF41B Controllers

Additional options

Accessories and options
MOVITOOLS® MotionStudio engineering software The MOVITOOLS® MotionStudio program package allows you to conveniently start up and set parameters for MOVITRAC® B frequency inverters and MOVIDRIVE® MDX60/61B inverters.
MDR60A regenerative power supply The MDR60A regenerative power supply unit can be used to supply multiple units with power using a central power supply connection. In regenerative mode, the power is fed back into the supply system. Power and installation costs are saved by using MDR60A.
Braking resistor type BW BW series braking resistors are available for operating MOVITRAC® B frequency inverters and MOVIDRIVE® MDX60/61B drive inverters as generators. Using an integrated temperature sensor, the resistor can be protected without external monitoring.
Line choke type ND ND series line chokes increase the overvoltage protection of inverters. This is an important characteristic in rough industrial power supply systems, especially if the inverter is installed near a supply transformer.
Line filter type NF NF type line filters are available for EMC compliant installation as specified by EN 55011. They suppress interference emissions on the line side of inverters. These line filters ensure that limit value class B is maintained on the supply end.
Output choke type HD HD series output chokes suppress interference emitted from unshielded motor cables. They enable the motor to meet limit value class B requirements in accordance with EN 55011 in EMC-compliant installations. Output chokes provide an alternative to shielded motor cables in EMC-compliant installations.
Output filter type HF HF series output filters are sine filters that smooth out the output voltage of inverters. Output filters are used for group drives to suppress discharge currents in motor cables and for long motor cables to prevent voltage peaks.