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MOVI4R-U® Frequency Inverter

  • MOVI4R-U® frequency inverters offer the ideal solution for implementing simple drive technology applications. The focus of SEW-EURODRIVE for these inverters is on the basics: simple open-loop speed control of asynchronous motors with a new, user-friendly, and intuitive operating concept. The high degree of protection IP54 allows for using MOVI4R-U® outside the control cabinet, for example close to the application for controlling conveyor belts.
  • Your benefits:
    • Intuitive operating concept for short startup times and simple handling
    • Modular design for quick unit replacement
    • Degree of protection IP54
    • Guaranteed integration into recycling systems: MOVI4R-U® is based on a sustainable product concept that allows for re-integration into material and raw material cycles.

Line connection Power range
1 x 200 ... 240 V 0.25 ... 0.55 kW
3 x 200 ... 240 V 0.25 ... 0.66 kW
3 x 380 ... 400 V 0.75 kW
3 x 380 ... 500 V 0.25 ... 1.1 kW

More product data

Continuous movement
Conveyor belts Yes
Chain conveyors Yes
Fans yes (without flying start function)
Pumps yes (without flying start function)
Roller conveyors Yes
Line voltages
1 x AC 230 V (50/60 Hz) Yes
3 x AC 230 V (50/60 Hz) Yes
3 x AC 400 V (50/60 Hz) Yes
Control modes
Voltage/frequency control V/f Yes
Voltage-controlled vector control VFC no
Current-controlled vector control CFC no
Functional safety
STO no
Motor types
Asynchronous motors Yes
High-frequency motors no
LSPM motors limited
Motors in potentially explosive atmospheres no
Servomotors no
Synchronous motors no
Communication types
Digital control (I/O) Yes
CE Yes
cUL in preparation
UL in preparation
C-Tick Yes