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Aseptic Drives DAS Series

  • Your benefits
    • Motor power range from 0.25 kW to 1.5 kW
    • Smooth surface
    • No fan, pure convection cooling
    • High motor degree of protection
    • High corrosion and surface protection
    • Food grade gear oil as an option
  • The beverage and food industry and the chemical and pharmaceutical industry demand an especially high level of hygiene. Essential cleaning processes or the use of aggressive cleansing agents and disinfectants can have a significant effect on the drive solutions.

DAS series

Solutions for use in dry hygiene areas
Aseptic gearmotors of the DAS series for drive solutions without fans and with smooth surfaces
  • Motors in degree of protection IP66 (brake motors IP65)
  • Motor corrosion protection: KS internal coating
  • Surface protection coating OS1 to OS4
  • Motor protection thermistor in thermal class F, TH optional (thermocontact)
  • IS plug connector
Technical data
Type Power [kW] in operating mode
S1 = Continuous duty S3 = Intermittent operation
60% 40% 25%
DAS80K4 0.25 0.3 0.37 0.55
DAS80N4 0.37 0.45 0.55 0.75
DAS90S4 0.55 0.75 0.9 1.1
DAS90L4 0.75 0.95 1.1 1.5
DAS100M4 1.1 1.35 1.7 2.2
DAS100L4 1.5 1.85 2.3 3.0

ASEPTICplus® drive package

ASEPTICplus® drive package

Standard motors are not the ideal choice in hygienic production areas as they often come equipped with cooling fins and fans in which dirt can accumulate, and germs and bacteria can be distributed in air swirls. However, SEW-EURODRIVE can provide a suitable solution in this application area: ASEPTIC motors of the DAS series with the ASEPTICplus® drive package.
Solutions for hygienic production areas
  • Motors in degree of protection IP69K (brake motors IP65)
  • OS4 surface protection coating
  • Contour recesses filled with rubber
  • Double oil seals (if possible) at the output made of Viton (FKM)
  • Stainless steel breather valve
  • Pressure compensation membrane
  • Cable entry with screw plugs made of stainless steel
  • Gear unit output shaft made of stainless steel as solid shaft, hollow shaft with key or TorqLOC® for gear unit types: R17-97, F37-97, K37-97, S37-97 and W30
  • All fastening parts at the output shaft, such as screws, keys, shrink disk, etc., made of steel